We value the growth and development of every employee
Provide diversified development space and growth channels

We continue to develop talent strategy to stimulate potential and vitality, so that every employee can be promoted and make full use of their talents, so that outstanding people become more outstanding and those who strive will be rewarded.

Talent concept

Continue to attract professionals in the field of medicine, and want to step into the pharmaceutical industry, to create a first-class enterprise team. Through systematic construction and talent development strategy, the company focuses on people, pays attention to talent training, provides diversified career development channels, and maximizes the self-value of employees. With innovative ideas and innovative technologies as the core, the company can create, win-win and share.

Training and development

The company has established a sound training system, combined with internal and external training, constantly update the team's professional knowledge and skills, improve the overall level of the team, and keep pace with The Times.

Training content:

  • Corporate culture
  • Professional knowledge
  • Job skill
  • Professional quality
  • Quality system
  • Laws and regulations
  • Medical knowledge
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Management skill

Corporate welfare

Social insurance, housing provident fund, holiday welfare, birthday welfare, meal allowance, communication subsidy, transportation subsidy, employee dormitory, annual physical examination, high temperature allowance, education allowance.

Promotion channel

The enterprise sets management channels and professional channels for all employees according to job attributes, provides carriers for vertical promotion or horizontal adjustment of different positions, and sets job levels to support the construction of t

Pay level

In combination with external market salary level, internal enterprise development, post level and other factors, the salary system with market competitiveness, in line with personal career development, to meet the different channels of post promotion.

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